The ACC has announced the future scheduling model the league will use for the next seven seasons.

The ACC was forced to re-work its schedule for 2024 and beyond after adding Stanford, Cal and SMU to the league. Those three programs are set to join the ACC beginning with the 2024 football season.

With 17 football programs in the mix, finding a balanced schedule that also didn’t abandon annual rivalries — both out-of-conference and in-conference — became a challenge.

Here are some key highlights of the scheduling model:

  • No divisions
  • All 17 ACC teams will play each other at least twice over a 7-year period
  • Each team will visit a California program three times over the 7-year period, with none of those trips happening in back-to-back seasons
  • There are 16 protected rivalries

Here’s the list of the protected annual rivalries under the new model:

  • Boston College-Syracuse
  • Boston College-Pitt
  • Syracuse-Pitt
  • North Carolina-Virginia
  • North Carolina-Duke
  • North Carolina-NC State
  • NC State-Wake Forest
  • NC State-Duke
  • Duke-Wake Forest
  • Virginia Tech-Virginia
  • Florida State-Clemson
  • Miami-Florida State
  • Miami-Virginia Tech
  • Stanford-Cal
  • Stanford-SMU
  • Cal-SMU

The ACC has also announced specific opponents for all 17 ACC teams in each season from 2024-2030. Those can be found within the ACC’s official schedule release.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Cal, SMU and Stanford to the ACC and look forward to having them compete beginning in the fall of 2024,” ACC commissioner Jim Phillips said in a release. “Throughout the entire scheduling model process, the membership was incredibly thoughtful and purposeful in building a creative, flexible and aggressive conference scheduling model while keeping the student-athlete experience at the forefront. The excitement and anticipation for our teams, alumni and fans will undoubtedly build as we look ahead to the future of this incredible conference.”