ACC commissioner Jim Phillips spoke publicly on Friday for the first time since College Football Playoff expansion talks fell apart last week.

Phillips told reporters that ACC members are aligned in wanting to delay expansion of the current College Football Playoff model. Previously, the conferences were in discussions to expand the Playoff to 8 or 12 teams as early as the 2024 season.

Now, it seems expansion will be hold until at least 2026. Phillips cited the quickly-changing college football landscape — including the transfer portal and new NIL regulations — as reasons to delay expansion.

“To the ACC, we don’t have a college football Playoff problem,” Phillips told reporters on Friday. “We have a college football and collegiate athletics slash NCAA problem.”

Expanding the Playoff prior to 2026 — when the CFP’s initial contract with ESPN is set to expire — would have required unanimous approval from all FBS conferences.

Phillips also denied speculation that the ACC’s stance is related to a potential courtship of Notre Dame:

Here’s a few other comments from Phillips about expansion and his thoughts on NCAA reform moving forward: