ACC quarterback power rankings have been updated entering Week 9.

There’s a big shakeup at the top of the rankings this week as Florida State’s Jordan Travis takes over the top spot from Drake Maye. There’s also a new entrant into the top 3 with Boston College’s Thomas Castellanos rising to his highest placement of the season so far.

Here’s Saturday Road’s updated QB power rankings ahead of Week 9:

14. Christian Veilleux, Pitt (Last week: 13)

Christian Veilleux and Pitt found a way to lose to Wake Forest and its third-string quarterback last week. Veilleux has not been very effective this season as he’s posted a passer efficiency rating of just 121.28 through Week 8.

13. Henry Belin IV, Duke (Last week: 12)

Henry Belin IV didn’t start vs. Florida State in Week 8, but he did have to finish the game for an injured Riley Leonard. Belin completed just 1-of-6 passes against the Seminoles as FSU pulled away in the fourth quarter.

12. Santino Marucci, Wake Forest (Last week: N/A)

As far as special teams contributors who become quarterbacks go, this was about as good as you could ask for. Santino Marucci struggled at times in his first career start vs. Pitt, but got the last laugh with a game-winning touchdown pass with just seven seconds remaining. Mitch Griffis is expected to return to the lineup next week.

11. Garrett Shrader, Syracuse (Last week: 11)

Syracuse was idle in Week 8.

0. Emory Williams, Miami (Last week: N/A)

Emory Williams wasn’t perfect in his debut, but he came up with some big plays vs. a Clemson defense that remains extremely formidable. Tyler Van Dyke is expected to be healthy enough to start vs. Virginia in Week 9, but Williams’ future is bright.

9. MJ Morris, NC State (Last week: 9)

NC State was on bye in Week 8.

8. Haynes King, Georgia Tech (Last week: 8)

Haynes King threw three interceptions in a home loss to Boston College last week. He’s now dead last in the ACC in that category with 9 INTs thrown already this season.

7. Tony Muskett, Virginia (Last week: 10)

Tony Muskett wasn’t spectacular, but he does deserve some credit for leading Virginia to a massive upset vs. North Carolina in Week 8. He threw for 208 yards and a touchdown on 30 attempts.

6. Cade Klubnik, Clemson (Last week: 6)

Cade Klubnik had one of his most efficient games of the season vs. a good Miami defense, throwing for 314 yards on 34 attempts. But turnovers and bad decisions in key moments continue to plague Klubnik’s sophomore season with the Tigers.

5. Kyron Drones, Virginia Tech (Last week: 5)

Virginia Tech was off in Week 8.

4. Jack Plummer, Louisville (Last week: 4)

Louisville was idle in Week 8.

3. Thomas Castellanos, Boston College (Last week: 7)

This is perhaps a bit aggressive, but I’m so impressed with how Thomas Castellanos has revitalized Boston College’s season. The Eagles seemed doomed to another year without a bowl appearance and possibly an offseason coaching search. Now, BC has rallied to three straight wins largely because of Castellanos’ impact. He’s a stud, and he’s just getting started.

2. Drake Maye, North Carolina (Last week: 1)

Carolina’s loss to Virginia wasn’t all Drake Maye’s fault — UNC receivers dropped too many catchable passes — but he did miss some throws he’d probably like to have back. On the season, Maye ranks third in the ACC in total QBR and has a disappointing TD-to-INT ration of 14-to-5. Maye is still an elite quarterback, but he deserves to drop out of the No. 1 spot based on his play so far this season.

1. Jordan Travis, Florida State (Last week: 2)

For the first time this season, there’s a new No. 1 on this list. After Carolina’s loss to Virginia last week, Travis now leads the only undefeated ACC team entering Week 9. He has the best total QBR rating in the conference and owns the second-best passer efficiency rating in the ACC behind only Van Dyke. At this point, Travis is the clear choice for the No. 1 spot on this list.