The ACC scored an 8-6 victory over the Big Ten in the final ACC/Big Ten challenge this week.

The ACC won both games on Monday, won three contests on Tuesday and then three more on Wednesday to secure the win. Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, Clemson, Wake Forest, Virginia, Duke, Miami and Notre Dame all notched victories.

Three ACC teams won on the road: Pitt at Northwestern, Wake Forest at Wisconsin and Virginia at Michigan.

The Fighting Irish’s blowout win over Michigan State is what sealed the overall win. Notre Dame was an underdog in that matchup, but got 23 points from Cormac Ryan in the win.

This was the ACC’s first outright win over the Big Ten since 2017. However, the ACC was dominant in this challenge for most of the last 20 years. Dating back to the first ACC/Big Ten challenge in 1999, the ACC went 13-8-3 against the Big Ten. Counting every game played, the ACC has a record of 152-127 against the Big Ten.

Beginning next year, the ACC will begin an annual challenge against the SEC.