EA Sports is continuing its week of rankings and reveals related to the upcoming College Football 25 video game! While the release of the game is not set until July 19, EA is giving fans some behind-the-scenes looks and incredible previews of what is in store.

On Tuesday, the game producer unveiled a look at the toughest venues to play in the upcoming game. On Wednesday, EA Sports dropped a deep dive into the “sights and sounds” of the game.

This release differs from the gameplay deep dive that was recently revealed. While that one focused on the actual play on the field, Wednesday’s release was centered around stadiums, crowds, mascots and other gameday traditions that can be expected in the game.

Here is the video of some of the highlights narrated by Kirk Herbstreit while details of what fans can expect follow below:

Christian Brandt, EA Sports’ Senior Game Designer, provided an additional breakdown into the expansive world of College Football 25. It’s safe to say this is the most in-depth College Football game in history with the mantra of “Every team is someone’s favorite” guiding the production process.

That mantra guided developers as they put as much insight and detail into every tradition for all 134 FBS schools within the game. A few instances of that include a new toolset to create real-world uniform details for every school while including every fight song in the country, recorded in Nashville with a team of musicians that featured previous students and alumni from schools such as Oklahoma, North Texas, Vanderbilt, USC, Auburn and Tennessee.

Crowd themes, including checkerboard patterns (similar to Tennessee), White Outs (Penn State), black outs, and stripe patterns, are included, as are as many crowd chants and hand signals as possible.

Pre-game entrances received a particular set of details from EA Sports. The team was able to build and replicate the famous steps from Notre Dame’s locker room leading to the “Play like a champion” sign and a 2-story ramp to replicate “THE HILL” at Clemson. Stunt actors were hired to perform jumps in the middle of the hill to improve that scene.

Florida’s tunnel received special treatment with a team from EA Sports traveling to Gainesville for an exact scan of the gator statue that players tap on their way to the field.

Mascots are another point of interest. 40 team mascots are featured within the game while 10 real animals are also used to represent their schools.

No matter how you slice it, this will be a game of truly epic proportions, and fans will want to get their hands on a copy, regardless of who their favorite team is.