With seven weeks of college football in the books, the Heisman Trophy conversation will start to heat up soon.

With no true frontrunner, there’s plenty of room for a surprise player to join one of college football’s most prestigious clubs. Pittsburgh’s Kenny Pickett likely represents the ACC’s best candidate so far this season.

Pickett has emerged this year as an elite quarterback, posting a passer efficiency rating of 181.84. That’s an elite number in the context of recent college football history and is good enough for No. 3 in the country this season.

Other SEC standouts this year include Virginia quarterback Brennan Armstrong and Syracuse running back Sean Tucker.

The ACC has won two Heisman Trophies in recent years — Louisville’s Lamar Jackson in 2016 and Florida State’s Jameis Winston in 2013. Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence finished in second place last season.

In total, six current ACC members have at least one Heisman in their trophy cabinets. Another four programs have had at least one runner-up or third-place finisher in their history.

Here’s the most recent winner for the six ACC programs who have earned a Heisman Trophy:

  • Louisville: Lamar Jackson, 2016
  • Florida State: Jameis Winston, 2013
  • Miami: Gino Torretta, 1992
  • Boston College: Doug Flutie, 1984
  • Pittsburgh: Tony Dorsett, 1976
  • Syracuse: Ernie Davis, 1961

Here’s the last top three finish for the ACC programs who have not won a Heisman Trophy in their history:

  • Clemson: Trevor Lawrence (2nd place, 2020)
  • Georgia Tech: Joe Hamilton (2nd place, 1999)
  • Virginia Tech: Michael Vick (3rd place, 1999)
  • North Carolina: Charlie Justice (2nd place, 1948 and 1949)

Wake Forest, North Carolina State, Virginia and Duke have never had a player finish in the top three of Heisman Trophy voting.