Paul Finebaum is tired of the College Football Playoff committee hiding behind an anonymous vote.

During Tuesday’s broadcast of ESPN’s “Get Up,” Finebaum went off on the committee for a lack of transparency. It labeled it a “charade” and “absurd” that fans do not get to know how each individual voted on the biggest decision of the season.

“The thing that irritates me — as I heard Heather report what she understands went down on that committee — is how big of a charade it is that this committee, who has the most important decision of the year in college football, is not transparent,” said Finebaum. “What are they hiding? Why can’t we know how each individual votes on the final vote of the year? It’s absurd.”

Finebaum went on to speculate that he believes the first edition of the final vote came back with Florida State at No. 6. However, he believes the group discussed that order and did not want to “embarrass the ACC” so they flipped the Seminoles and previous No. 1 Georgia.

“This is America after all, and we would like to know. And Greeny, since we’re not going to know, I’m going to tell you what I think happened… I’m giving you an opinion,” Finebaum explained. “I think the first vote was Florida State No. 6 behind Georgia. And they got in the room and said ‘Well, we don’t want to embarrass the ACC, so let’s swap those.’ Because had they left Georgia at No. 5, this would not be going on. It would be clear: Alabama beat Georgia.”

A group of Florida lawmakers have demanded answers and transparency from the CFP committee and chair Boo Corrigan after the Seminoles were left out of the field.