The ACC prefers an 8-team College Football Playoff format to the previously-proposed 12-team structure, according to a report.

That’s per The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach, who also reports the Big Ten is in “lockstep” with the ACC on this issue.

The College Football Playoff management committee is expected to meet in person next week to discuss playoff expansion options. If they’re able to reach a consensus, a new playoff format could debut for the 2024 season, per the Athletic’s report.

In an 8-team format, conference champions for every Power 5 league would receive an automatic bid to the College Football Playoff. A 12-team format would include automatic bids for the six highest-ranked conference champions and six at large bids.

Per Auerbach’s report, Notre Dame prefers the 12-team playoff proposal.

The original 12-team playoff proposal was expected to be finalized at some point this year, but things took a turn when the SEC added Texas and Oklahoma earlier this summer. Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith recommended hitting the “pause button” on expansion after that move, which has caused a wave of realignment across all levels of FBS.

Next week’s anticipated meeting of the College Football Playoff management committee is set to take place in Grapevine, Texas.