The ACC and Pac-12 have been discussing a unique television partnership, according to a report.

That’s per Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger, who noted that the partnership would not include a “merging” of conferences. However, the deal could be something that benefits all involved parties — the Pac-12, ACC and ESPN.

Details are unclear, but the broad strokes of the deal would have Pac-12 games being broadcast on the ACC Network — which is owned by ESPN — on the west coast.

This would allow the ACC to earn extra television revenue through its network. For the Pac-12, it would give the conference a chance at more revenue — and exposure — by putting games on the ESPN-backed service.

Here’s an excerpt from Dellenger’s report, explaining the benefits of the deal:

“The potential agreement could conceivably benefit all involved: The ACC is expected to receive long-sought additional television revenue; ESPN gets a piece of Pac-12 inventory; and the Pac-12 presumably stays intact, with its 10 remaining members getting an attractive TV arrangement.”

Of course, this would require the Pac-12 to retain its remaining 10 members moving forward. That’s still very uncertain, given widespread reports that the Big 12 is working to add as many as 6 Pac-12 programs to its conference.

As for the ACC, this appears to be a win-win proposition. The league would potentially gain a — legally binding — alliance with the Pac-12 while adding to its revenue streams.

The potential timing of an agreement — or implementation of this plan — is unknown.