Miami and Florida State are 2 of a small handful of schools that is being evaluated for expansion by the Big Ten, according to a report.

That’s per the Action Network’s Brett McMurphy, who cited industry sources. Per McMurphy, the Big Ten is also considering Notre Dame, Oregon, Washington, Stanford and Cal.

Publicly, Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren indicated the conference would be discerning when talking about expansion with other programs in the future.

“We will not expand just to expand,” Warren said at Big Ten Media Days on Tuesday. “It will be strategic, it will add additional value to our conference, and it will provide a platform to even have our student-athletes be put on a larger platform so they can build their careers but also that they have an opportunity to grow and learn from an education and from an athletic standpoint.”

Adding Miami and Florida State in the near future would be tricky. All ACC programs are bound to the conference’s grant-of-rights agreement, which runs through 2036. Breaking that agreement would reportedly result in the forfeiture of media rights revenue until the grant of rights expires in 2036.

However, adding the Pac-12 schools would presumably be a much simpler process. The Pac-12’s grant of rights expires in 2024, which would allow for a relatively seamless transition if the Big Ten decides to pursue those programs.

Notre Dame is also currently in negotiations for a new deal with NBC. Its current contract expires in 2025.

The Big Ten will bet at 16 teams when it officially adds USC and UCLA in 2024.