Realignment chatter is back in full swing.

USC and UCLA’s move to the Big Ten has left the ACC in a tough spot: be aggressive in adding programs from around the country or risk losing massive brands like Clemson and Florida State to the SEC.

Enter Arizona, who is one of several Pac-12 programs who could be looking for a life boat in the coming months. The Wildcats have a proud basketball tradition and the football program has had its moments, too.

According to Jason Scheer, who covers Arizona for 247Sports, the Wildcats are rumored to be discussing a deal with the ACC.

That would make little geography sense, as Arizona is thousands of miles away from the east coast. But the same could be said for USC and UCLA joining the Big Ten. It seems geography isn’t going to matter much in this round of college football realignment.

It will be interesting to see if the ACC takes a look at other Pac-12 leftover programs, as well. Arizona State would make sense if the ACC is considering Arizona. Oregon and Washington would also be attractive.

This is Arizona president David Heeke’s statement from Thursday following the USC/UCLA news: