Former Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan is expected to be released by the Indianapolis Colts after just 1 season in Blue and White.

Ryan, a star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons in the 2010s, has spent 15 years in the NFL after being drafted out of Boston College in 2008.

The Colts are likely to make a move for a quarterback in the upcoming draft, possessing the No. 4 overall pick. The Panthers (No. 1 pick) and Texans (No. 2 pick) both are looking to select a quarterback as well, leaving any 2 of C.J Stroud, Bryce Young, Anthony Richardson and Will Levis available. The Cardinals, who have pick No. 3 and Kyler Murray, are very unlikely to take a QB first round. This is all assuming the Colts/rest of the field do not trade up for a higher pick.

Thanks to his agent, Ryan will still be paid $12 million by the Colts regardless of his status this upcoming season.