Bobby Petrino is all on board with getting in-helmet communication in college football. He also reserved some interesting comments for Clemson during his introductory press conference at Arkansas.

On Thursday, head coach Sam Pittman and Petrino met with the media to discuss Petrino’s return as the program’s offensive coordinator. Petrino was asked about the future of signaling in college football, and the new OC gave his endorsement for in-helmet devices.

“Yeah, I think they should have done that a long time ago,” said Petrino in reference to in-helmet communication devices.

As for the sign-stealing scandal at Michigan, Petrino admitted to being oblivious about the details. However, he referenced playing at Clemson with the understanding the Tigers would “have your signals” ahead of time.

“I don’t know anything about Michigan and what they did or anything about that. I honestly didn’t pay any attention to it, but I do know when you went and played Clemson that they were going to have your signals,” Petrino claimed. “Guys on the sideline standing there with a sheet of paper with your signals on it. And that was tough.”

Overall, Petrino said the SEC and ACC have discussed the topic of communication devices for a while, but the issue boils down to every program in the NCAA maintaining a vote on major issues.

“The SEC and the ACC have talked for years about putting the piece in the ear. And one of the issues that you always have in the NCAA is everybody has a vote. There are a lot of schools that play football that can outvote the major conferences that don’t have the money for that technology to be in their helmets,” said Petrino. “That’s why they got to do something about it. It’s become more and more relevant.”

(H/T 5News)