Game 2 of the Clemson-Florida Super Regional series was more than just a back-and-forth 13-inning NCAA Tournament instant classic. There were multiple controversies with the home team and its fans upset with the umpire crew.

Early in the game, a play at first base led to an uninvolved Clemson player being tossed for leaving his place on the field and joining the brief scuffle. Later in the game, two Tigers coaches were tossed.

Alden Mathes hit a go-ahead solo home run for Clemson in the top of the 13th inning. It was widely assumed that Mathes was ejected for slamming his bat in celebration.

Jack Leggett, a legendary Clemson head coach who now serves as a Tiger assistant, was tossed, along with head coach Erik Bakich. Media members and fans were under the initial impression that Mathes had also been tossed and the coaches were ejected for arguing that decision.

Mathes, though, was not ejected, returning to the outfield in the bottom of the inning. Fans and media members were confused what Leggett and Bakich were arguing about with the umpires since Mathes was not removed from the game.

David Hood of TigerNet relayed clarification after the game. Leggett was tossed for his reaction to Mathes receiving a warning.

At this time, we’re not getting an explanation from Bakich as he was not part of the postgame press conference due to his ejection. It was stated on the ESPN broadcast that he would not have been allowed to coach a Game 3 if the series had reached that point.