The Clemson Tigers are moving on to the Super Regional. Sunday’s 5-1 win over Auburn keeps the dream alive for No. 16 Clemson.

Clemson received a lucky break to score its first run of the game. A wild pitch off the Auburn catcher’s glove allowed Valerie Cagle to score from third in the first inning. Sometimes all you need to luck.

Reedy Davenport reached for a low pitch and turned it into a two-out RBI single in the next inning to increase the Clemson lead to two runs. Aby Vieira was able to score from second base because of the hit.

Cagle proved she can use her experience as a pitcher to her advantage at the plate in the bottom of the second inning. She earned a walk that allowed a Clemson baserunner to score, increasing the lead to 3-0.

Outfielder Caroline Jacobsen added to the Tigers lead in the bottom of the fourth after hitting a grounder down the third-base line.

The final run for Clemson came in that same inning as Maddie Moore hit another ball down the third-base line.

Cagle showed off her two-way ability as both a pitcher and batter. Cagle pitched seven innings with 2 strikeouts, 4 hits allowed, and 1 run allowed.

Clemson’s next opponent will be a tough one as it plays No. 1 Oklahoma next. The Sooners have not lost yet in the tournament much like the Tigers.