Dabo Swinney is still recovering from a disastrous season-opening loss to Duke. However, the head coach of Clemson is also having a tough time wrapping his head around how the team lost that game after examining the statistics.

The Duke Blue Devils have been one of college football’s most underrated teams in college football over the past year, and, with quarterback Riley Leonard at the helm, took down Clemson 28-7.

Clemson is frequently ranked as one of the best teams in the nation, so it makes a huge impact for Duke to have defeated a team like the Tigers.

The head coach of the Tigers went on his Tuesday night radio show following the team’s loss and had plenty to say, including that there were missed opportunities. He also reflected he had an immense amount of faith in both his kicker and his quarterback.

While the loss was bad, Swinney noted the team did “so many good things” even in defeat. He also felt Clemson should win that game “100 out of 100” with the things the Tigers did statistically.

The No. 25-ranked Tigers are set to face Charleston Southern next as they look to continue breaking things in and to get their first win of the season. That matchup is set to take place at 1:15 p.m. ET on Saturday in what will be a home game for the Tigers.