Former Texas A&M and Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight hasn’t been impressed with what he’s seen from the ACC this season.

In an appearance on the Field of 12 podcast, Knight called the ACC an “inferior league” and questioned Clemson’s ability to compete for the College Football Playoff.

“I really do think Clemson is out on an island, and it’s of no fault to their own, but I think they play in an inferior conference,” Knight said. “I think that you’ve got some of the better teams in the SEC and Big Ten right now that are going up and playing in big-time games and going up against incredible talent.

“And Clemson is just out there on the east coast winning football games, but they are not mauling people like years we have seen in the past. They are not having to face any big-time talent.”

Clemson is 7-0 and has a pair of ranked wins over Wake Forest and NC State already on its résumé. North Carolina is also ranked and is a potential opponent in the ACC Championship game.

Knight was respectful of what Clemson has accomplished in the past, but said he doesn’t see the Tigers standing up to other elite teams in a Playoff setting.

“I think they have a good culture going there,” Knight added. “But they are certainly beatable. My gut tells me if you put Clemson up against Alabama … If you put Clemson up against Ohio State or Michigan or Georgia, today, my gut tells me they go down.”

Clemson will have another chance to prove itself against No. 14 Syracuse this weekend.

Here’s a clip of Knight’s full appearance discussing Clemson and the ACC: