KJ Henry plans on catching up on sleep during Clemson’s bye week in Week 9.

Clemson had an exhausting win over Syracuse in Week 8. The win gave Clemson an 8-0 record and it put the team another step closer to a College Football Playoff. It was a comeback win for Clemson and the defense held Syracuse scoreless in the 2nd half. Syracuse led 21-10 at halftime and the Orange failed to hold onto the lead.

Henry spoke to the media on Monday and talked about his plans for the bye week.

“I’m about to take so many naps this week,” Henry said. “It’s about to be amazing.”

College football players train nearly every day for their games and Henry will be taking advantage of the built-in break. On the season, Henry has complied 28 total tackles, 2 sacks, and 1 forced fumble. He has been a force on the defensive line and one of the best defenders on the team.

Clemson will have off this week and will return to play Notre Dame on Saturday, Nov. 5.