College football radio host Paul Finebaum is continuing to take shots at Clemson and the ACC as a whole.

Earlier this week, Finebaum called Dabo Swinney “yesterday’s news” in reaction to a coach ranking that had Swinney above Georgia coach Kirby Smart.

Evidently Finebaum didn’t appreciate some of the pushback he got from Clemson’s fan base after those comments. He was a guest on “The Opening Kickoff” on WNSP-FM 105.5 in Alabama on Thursday.

He took shots at Clemson’s fan base, program and the ACC as a whole.

“There is no doubt after reading social media (Wednesday), the most insecure, paranoid fanbase of college football in America is Clemson,” Finebaum said on The Opening Kickoff, via “The Clemsonites take it to a whole new level. It’s one thing if you’ve never won a national championship. … But these guys have won 2 in recent years and they are just so desperate for attention. They are so desperate for adulation. They are so desperate to be loved.”

Finebaum believes Clemson will appear to be good this season because of its “easy” schedule.

“They play in a league that speaks for itself,” Finebaum added. “I don’t need to waste your time on the ACC. We know where that league is going. Dabo Swinney is not the second-best coach in the country. Not at all.

“The program will be highly regarded this year because they have a really easy schedule, as always.”

It’s worth noting that Clemson played the No. 11 strength of schedule in the country last season, per The Tigers’ schedule was tougher than all but 4 SEC programs. In 2020 — against an all-ACC regular season schedule — the Tigers played the No. 3 toughest slate.

Clemson will be looking for its 12th consecutive 10-win season — all under Swinney — in 2022.