Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski will coach in his final game at some point this weekend in New Orleans, but he’s still concerned for the future of college basketball.

At a press conference on Friday, Krzyzewski took time to advocate for transforming the “structure” around college basketball.

“The thing that I would recommend is that this is a transformational time for college athletics,” Krzyzewski said. “When you transform, the main thing you transform is structure, organization. The structure we have right now does not work … I hear all these things that they’re coming out with all the compliance stuff. That should come after structure.

“This is a time not to look at knits and bits. It’s a time to look at the whole thing. It’s a time to look at and see: Do you do something like football and they’re under one roof? Do you organize men and women’s basketball under another roof? Do you do that in different segments of the NCAA? Do you have different houses, not try to put everyone in one house? Do you have leadership groups for each of those houses? Do they have the autonomy then to handle situations at that level that never gets to the big house?”

These suggestions come at an interesting time for the NCAA and college basketball. The sport is still adjusting to the (relatively) new developments of NIL legislation and widespread transfer portal usage.

Krzyzewski and the Blue Devils will take on North Carolina in the Final Four on Saturday night.