Chris Fowler gave his thoughts on how the committee will handle Florida State after Jordan Travis’ injury on Saturday.

Travis, a Heisman candidate, has led Florida State to the No. 4 CFP ranking, but obviously the Seminoles aren’t the same team without him.

On the Dan Patrick Show on Monday, Fowler and Dan Patrick compared the situation to the 2014 Ohio State team, which was led by JT Barrett before an injury put him out for the season. Cardale Jones came in for Ohio State and led them the rest of the way, ultimately to a national championship.

That situation set the precedent for the CFP committee. It is supposed to judge teams based on their past resume rather than predicting how good they will be with or without a certain player.

“They’re supposed to ignore what they think Florida State’s going to be with Tate Rodemaker and others trying to fill in for (Jordan) Travis because you can’t really replace him,” Fowler said. “So they’re going to look at the resume, the resume’s good.”

While Fowler believes Florida State has a good enough resume to justify making the CFP, he said there is cause for concern because they don’t have the same level of wins as some other CFP teams.

“I do think Florida State fans have a right to be a little bit concerned, No. 1 because they don’t have these big wins down the stretch,” Fowler said. “Yeah, OK, it’s a rivalry game in Gainesville, I’m going to call that game on Saturday. But the Gators have staggered and are just playing to get to 6-6. Then Louisville, a good team and the committee seems to like them, but they haven’t really played a heavyweight schedule themselves and then beating Louisville in the ACC Championship Game if it’s close, is that going to get them over the hump competing against other teams with great resumes. You’d like to think they would not downgrade the current team based on not having their quarterback. They say they don’t, but we’ll see.”

Florida State is looking to close out the season with a win over Florida before taking on Louisville in the ACC Championship. The Seminoles will have to do it without Travis at the helm.