Danny Kanell spoke about his first experience as a starter in the Florida State-Miami rivalry on Wednesday.

He shared the story with Greg McElroy on an episode of Always College Football. Kanell said he was confident going into the game, but then-FSU quarterbacks coach Mark Richt tried to give him a fair warning about the environment he was walking into.

“I remember Mark Richt pulled me aside,” Kanell said. “I was feeling pretty good, right? Put up some good numbers five games in. I was feeling pretty good and I think he probably could sense that. And he goes, ‘hey, this game, it’s going to be a little different.’ And I was like, ‘I got this.’ And he’s like, ‘no, this game is going to be a little different … It’s gonna be quicker, it’s gonna be faster, you’ve got to be on top of your game.’

“So I go down there. And the first drive, we are driving. Like, just clockwork. We hit a little screen pass. We gashed ’em with a couple runs. Maybe hit like a nice hook over the middle. We’re gashing them. Get down to the red zone, and I remember thinking, ‘this ain’t so bad.'”

However, that’s where things took a turn for the worse for Kanell and the Noles.

“I tried to squeeze a skinny post in the red zone and it gets picked off,” Kanell recalled. “And I’m telling you, it was a crash from then on. I threw three picks. Warren Sapp sacked me like four times, he was in my ear the entire night.

“I got benched, I got boo’d … I got home and I had messages on my voicemail saying they should take my scholarship away.”

That ended up being the only game Florida State would lose in 1994. The Noles went 10-1-1, capping their season with a Sugar Bowl victory over Florida.

Kanell also got his revenge the next season in 1995 as a senior. He led FSU to a 41-17 victory over Miami and threw three touchdown passes in that game.