Lawrence Toafili just made the play of the day.

The Florida State running back scored a 75-yard touchdown to re-take the lead over Clemson mid-way through the second quarter. But how he scored is much more important.

Toafili already had a big gain when it appeared Clemson managed to bring him down at the 20-yard line. But instead of going down, Toafili rolled on top of the Tigers’ defender, popped up and ran it into the end zone.

Here’s the play:

Credit to the ACC official for not blowing this play dead on the spot, as it certainly appeared he was down by contact on the live broadcast.

Toafili entered this game with just six receptions on the season for 37 yards. This was the fourth touchdown of his career, and the first one to come through the air.

Florida State is looking for its first win over Clemson since 2014. The Tigers have won five straight games in this series.