Gus Malzahn this week revealed his thoughts that Florida State was robbed and he made the case for the Seminoles to be in the College Football Playoff.

Malzahn was disappointed and argued that football is a way to overcome obstacles. The former Auburn and current UCF coach called the snub a bad look for college football.

“I was real disappointed. Football really is finding a way to overcome obstacles. They have their 3rd quarterback in, and a team finds a way. Defense plays against a top 20 offense, and they win, and they don’t get rewarded? I think that’s a bad look for football. I just don’t think it was good for football.

Malzahn was shocked that both Florida State and Georgia didn’t make it. He challenged the Playoff committee to take a serious look at how it evaluates teams.

The silver lining for Malzahn was that the format will be changing to 12 teams next season.

“They should be in. I’m sitting there trying to figure out like Georgia. They hadn’t lost in 3 years and they lose by 3 points and they don’t make it,” said Malzahn. “I don’t know. I think they need to take a serious look at how they’re evaluating. The good thing is that it’s going to 12.”

Malzahn led the Golden Knights to a bowl berth in his 1st season after a 6-6 finish. UCF faces Georgia Tech in the Gasparilla Bowl this bowl season.