Joel Klatt shared a powerful message to Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis on his show this week.

Travis suffered a season-ending leg injury in Week 12 against North Alabama. It’s a devastating turn-of-events for a Florida State team that is 11-0 and was in prime position to make the College Football Playoff for the first time since 2014.

Klatt delivered a heartfelt message to Travis in the aftermath of the injury.

“My heart is broken for Jordan Travis,” Klatt said. “That leg injury, it was obviously a gruesome injury. But this guy, he has done everything right. He is so easy to root for. He’s such a good player. He is such a good player. And to have this season going for a guy who stuck around through some hard times at Florida State … He stayed the course in an era where staying the course ain’t cool.

“To see that injury, man, 6th year guy, team on the way to the playoff … He means so much to this program. Obviously. Not just from his skillset, but his leadership. I’m just crushed. So, Jordan, listen. From me to you. One, I’m praying for you. Two, I know you don’t see it right now. But something positive is going to come out of this. There’s someone that you are going to meet along this journey. There’s something that you’re going to learn a long this journey that is going to help you become a better man and a better player moving forward. Just keep your eyes open and keep your eyes on the prize. And just know that this is not the end for you.”

Here’s video of Klatt’s full message for Travis:

Florida State will take on Florida this weekend as the Noles look to complete their 12-0 regular season.