Keon Coleman blames Georgia for Florida State’s disastrous close to the 2023 season.

Coleman shared his thoughts on the matter with Robert Griffin III during an appearance on his podcast on this week.

Coleman said Georgia’s loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game is what caused the Noles to miss the College Football Playoff despite their 13-0 record. And as a result of missing the CFP, FSU ended up losing most of its starters to opt-outs before getting blasted by UGA in the Orange Bowl.

“If you would have won [against Alabama], you would have found out who was better between Florida State and Georgia,” Coleman said. “You would have played us in the ‘matter bowl.’ In a bowl that mattered. We’re not going to play y’all in a bowl that don’t matter. That’s a waste of time.

“If y’all would have won [against Alabama] and did what y’all were supposed to do, y’all would have would have had to see us. We would have been doing that [Tomahawk Chop] the whole time. All of that barking, we would have put a spear straight through you. Ain’t no barking, that’s dead. You would have found out, but the world may never know because Georgia decided to lose [to Alabama]. We should question their toughness to Bama. How do y’all keep choking?”

It seems that Coleman is suggesting FSU would have made the Playoff along with Georgia, Michigan and Washington had the Bulldogs won the SEC title game. In this scenario, Texas’ résumé is considerably weaker without a win over SEC-champion Alabama from earlier in the season.

It’s unclear how much veracity there is to that claim. At the time, College Football Playoff selection committee chair Boo Corrigan said that Jordan Travis’ season-ending injury was the reason why the Noles were left out of the top-4.

Regardless, Florida State ultimately became the first (and only) undefeated power-5 champion to be excluded from the College Football Playoff. The vast majority of FSU’s starters decided to opt-out of the Orange Bowl, and UGA defeated the Noles 63-3.

Coleman was selected by the Buffalo Bills with the 33rd overall pick in the NFL Draft last month.