Kirk Herbstreit and Desmond Howard debated Florida State’s chances to make the College Football Playoff on College GameDay Saturday morning.

The 12-0 Seminoles are taking on the 10-2 Cardinals in the ACC Championship Game. However, the Noles are without star QB Jordan Travis and backup Tate Rodemaker will be a game-time decision.

“I think if Florida State wins, they should be in,” Howard stated. “One thing we always talked about was teams taking the risk. Nonconference schedule, playing somebody that’s not a directional school. They played LSU, a very strong SEC team, and they won. I think they should be rewarded and applauded for that.”

Howard thinks the Noles have done enough to earn a spot in the CFP. Herbstreit agreed with that analysis.

“I think the big thing all of us hope for, at the end of the day, how you evaluate this, there’s a ‘best’ vs. ‘most deserving’ debate,” Herbstreit explained. “My thing always has been … is it the best or is it the most deserving? Because that’s very different. Florida State is a deserving team, going through what they’ve been through, if they win.”

The veteran analyst believes the Noles’ play on Saturday will tell us if they deserve a spot or not.

“Are they the best? If they’re the best, one of the top four, no problem. I don’t want to hear undefeated and I don’t want to hear they deserve. If you still say, with a backup quarterback, that they are one of the best, then I’m cool with it. I don’t care about deserve at that point. If you take that 12-0 or 13-0 away and you just watch them play, and you say, ‘Yeah, they’re one of the best,’ then I’ve got no problem with that,” explained Herbstreit.

The Noles and Cardinals will kick off from Charlotte, NC at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.