Mike Greenberg is not a fan of the recent work by the College Football Playoff committee. On Sunday, the final Playoff field was unveiled with Michigan, Washington, Texas and Alabama making the cut and undefeated Florida State getting left out.

During Monday’s “Get Up” on ESPN, Greenberg officially unloaded on the idea of the committee and the process that played out. He referenced using a similar system in the NFL to illustrate the absurdity of the committee.

“In what other sport do we do that, Dan? I’m just curious. Let me throw this possibility out there: When the NFL season ends, let all teams play all 17 games,” said Greenberg. “Then I’m going to put together a committee, former coaches Rex Ryan, Mike Shanahan, Bill Parcells… You guys know football? You know a lot about football, so why don’t you decide which 4 best teams are.”

As Dan Orlovsky tried to push back about a “flawed system,” Greenberg snapped back by saying the entire system “stinks” and was dead wrong to leave FSU out after what the Seminoles accomplished.

He went on to thrash the entire system as figure skating based on judgment calls instead of objectivity:

“The system stinks is the point. The system is dead wrong. Florida State scheduled a powerhouse. They played them on a neutral field and beat them,” Greenberg explained. “They won every game in what we call a Power 5 league… They won all of their games, anyone can get hurt at any time.

“You know what happened yesterday? Football became figure skating! Figure skating is something judges decide because there is no objective way to decide if you or you are the better figure skater, but there is an objective way to judge football teams based on what they did.”