Florida State has beaten Louisville to win the ACC Championship!

The Seminoles finish the regular season 13-0, but there’s still some talk the Seminoles could miss out on the CFP in favor of Alabama, who won the SEC over Georgia Saturday evening.

FSU head coach Mike Norvell was asked why he believes Florida State should reach the playoff. His answer was simple: Florida State played a tough schedule and didn’t lose. Not once.

Here’s his full quote:

“There’s a lot of great teams that are out there, a lot of talented teams, there’s a lot of teams with ability. But a lot of those teams have shown the ability and they’ve lost games,” Norvell said. “This team has not. This team has responded to all situations, this team has fought, no matter what the circumstance was, and they just continue to believe in who they were and that’s what football’s all about. It’s hard to win a game, but for these guys, they found a way in every situation and just so proud of them and proud of all they accomplished.”

We’ll know for sure if Florida State cracks the field of 4 Sunday at Noon on ESPN.