Mike Norvell met with reporters on Saturday afternoon after Florida State’s 41-16 win over Wake Forest.

Norvell was asked about FSU’s potential placement in the initial College Football Playoff rankings, which are set to be released on Tuesday evening. Norvell will enter Tuesday night as the only undefeated team remaining in the ACC.

Norvell gave a thoughtful answer to FSU’s place in the College Football Playoff landscape entering Tuesday night.

“You don’t control it,” Norvell said on his approach to the rankings. “Keep getting better, keep doing the things we’re doing. Go be our best. They watch. People understand, this team, they’ve been through it. We’ve played a really good schedule. I think that every team we’ve played is at least .500 or better. We’ve played a good schedule of opponents.

“But none of it will matter, all the rankings, all the things that are out there, if we don’t continue to improve.”

Norvell said the number next to Florida State’s name on Tuesday night won’t define the rest of the Noles’ season.

“What are we putting our focus on? A number? That number isn’t going to define us,” Norvell said. “What’s going to define us is who shows up and how we play next Saturday.”

Florida State will face Pitt on the road next week.