Florida State is spending a lot of time this week trying to prepare for Wake Forest’s unique slow-mesh offense.

Norvell drew similarities between preparing for Wake Forest’s offense and a triple option offense. He discussed the challenges of getting his defense ready for a complex offense.

“It’s challenging,” Norvell said. “You try to implement the timing and the tempo of it … it’s like if you play the triple option, you can try to get as much of it simulated as possible but until you really understand the speed of it in the game, it’s tough to replicate.”

Florida State’s defense will have to get ready for Sam Hartman running Wake Forest’s offense. In Wake Forest’s last game against Clemson, Hartman passed for 6 touchdowns and 337 yards.

This will be an important game for Florida State as they will look to remain undefeated. There will be a lot at stake and Norvell understands the importance of preparing for the slow-mesh offense.

Florida State is scheduled to host Wake Forest on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET.