Mike Norvell showed off his speed Saturday against Syracuse.

He ran alongside Keon Coleman, who had a 72-yard punt return in the Seminoles’ smashing victory. Norvell was nearly on pace with Coleman the entire way.

Norvell explained his show of athleticism Thursday with ACC Network’s Kelly Gramlich. The excitement for his players took over as Norvell sprinted down the sideline.

“I was just so excited for our players. We work really hard throughout the course of the week so we can practice. When you see guys who are putting in the effort there for our punt return unit, that’s just a huge point of emphasis,” he said. “When you have that many garnet jerseys there trying to lead him into the endzone, I mean I got excited. My response is I figured I’d go run with them. They passed me up pretty quick.”

Florida State raced its way to a 41-3 win over Syracuse in Week 7. Coleman was announced as one of the ACC Players of the Week for his performance.

The cameras could be on Norvell again if he decides to take off down the sidelines against Duke. Someone should bring a radar gun to track Norvell’s speed.