Mike Norvell spent part of his Sunday lobbying on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” for Florida State to make the College Football Playoff’s top 4. Norvell laid out a case why the defeated and ACC champion Seminoles are worthy and deserving of the chance to play for a national championship.

“I’m so proud of this team, so proud of all that they’ve accomplished, everything that they’ve earned on the field,” Norvell said. “I think you go through the journey that we’ve been on, we beat 8 Power 5 bowl-eligible teams. We beat 2 SEC teams. On the road, won at a neutral site, won with our backup quarterback there in the last game of the regular season, and then just with how our team responded last night. Starting a true freshman quarterback, our defense rose up, played outstanding throughout the course of the game, and you see a complete football team. And they’ve earned an opportunity. I’m just so proud of them and excited about all that has been accomplished.”

There’s still considerable debate about if the Playoff committee will take Florida State and potentially leave the SEC champion, Alabama, out of the field.

Norvell said he’s confident in FSU’s case.

“I’ve got absolute confidence that we’re going to get our opportunity and as we sit there and you go through the journey and there’s plenty of talented teams out there,” he said. “There’s plenty of teams that obviously they get their chance too, but you’ve got to go do it on the field, that’s what makes college football so special. This team, every chance that we’ve got whether it’s home, away, the adversity we’ve had to overcome, they’ve just responded. And we’ve done what was necessary, because it still comes down to winning the game. We’ve taken advantage of each of those opportunities to be 13-0, to be a really special football team that shows that grit, shows that resilience and they put it on display once again last night against a top-15 opponent and was able to accomplish being the undefeated ACC champion and I believe that we have earned that opportunity and just so proud of our team.”