Mike Norvell met with reporters on Monday ahead of Florida State’s Week 6 contest vs. Virginia Tech.

Norvell was asked about Hokies quarterback Kyron Drones, who led his team to a 38-21 win over Pittsburgh last week. A dual-threat quarterback, Drones accounted for 5 total touchdowns over the weekend.

Norvell was complimentary of Drones both as a runner and as a passer.

“He’s got a strong arm. I mean, he can throw it all over the field. He had a big 60-yard touchdown pass that was placed perfectly,” Norvell said. “This is a team that can present challenges for what they’re doing.

“He is a tough runner. He’s not one of those guys that’s just looking to get a few yards. I mean, if he gets the opportunity he’s going to try to run over you. You see that toughness. You saw that put on display. You’ve got to come with all you have and then when you get there, we’ve got a lot of Garnet jerseys that are tracking with you to make sure we get these guys down.”

Norvell compared Drones’ skillset to Boston College quarterback Thomas Castellanos, who gave the Seminoles a lot of trouble back in Week 3. Castellanos finished that game with 305 passing yards and 95 rushing yards as BC nearly pulled off the upset.

“We faced one a few weeks ago that hurt us,” Norvell said when asked about stopping a mobile quarterback. “Ultimately, he did a good job. They had some designed quarterback runs that got out on us. I’m sure [Virginia Tech is] going to look at a lot of those things.”

Florida State will face Virginia Tech on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET.