Mike Norvell addressed Jordan Travis’ health status at his weekly press conference on Monday afternoon.

Travis suffered an apparent left arm injury late in the first half of FSU’s win over Boston College in Week 3. Against Clemson the following week, Travis was able to play but was not quite 100%.

Ahead of this week’s matchup against Virginia Tech, Norvell said FSU will try to balance how often it calls running plays for Travis — and thus exposing him to potential hits from the Hokies’ defense.

“There’s going to be times where we’re smart on just how much we are trying to run him,” Norvell said. “It wasn’t a secret that he was … kind of playing a little bit banged up there [against Clemson]. But I thought he showed great toughness and there were some runs that we did have with him. But I’m also going to be smart with him too.”

Travis’ mobility is a big part of his game, although he has become more comfortable as a pocket passer as time has gone on. Travis has rushed for 7 touchdowns in each of the previous 3 seasons and has 2 already in 2023.

Norvell also said that Travis is “feeling good” ahead of this weekend’s matchup vs. Virginia Tech.

“He’s definitely feeling good,” Norvell added. “The bye week hit at a good time for him.”