Mike Norvell is frustrated following Florida State’s third consecutive loss to ACC Atlantic opposition.

Two of those losses have come at home, with the other being to Wake Forest. The Noles also fell at NC State in that stretch.

It’s been a frustrating sequence for Florida State, who began the year with a 4-0 record. FSU lost those 3 games — all to ranked teams — by a combined 18 points.

FSU’s 31-21 loss to Wake Forest was the only loss in this stretch to come by more than a touchdown.

After the game, coach Mike Norvell was asked about what is separating Florida State from the elite teams in its division. He pointed to FSU’s lack of consistency on a play-to-play basis.

“You see the flashes,” Norvell said. “But just the play-in, play-out consistency. You can’t have those big errors.”

To Florida State’s credit, it played a relatively clean game on Saturday night vs. the Tigers. It was called for only 3 penalties the entire game. FSU had just one giveaway — granted, it was a very costly one at the end of the first half.

Clemson played well on both sides of the ball and didn’t make any major mistakes. Still, the Noles were able to fight back in the fourth quarter with a pair of touchdown drives.

Florida State’s schedule will ease up a bit now. The Noles are off in Week 8 and will host Georgia Tech in Week 9.