Calvin Johnson, a Hall of Fame receiver, has mended his relationship with the Detroit Lions.

Johnson has said that the relationship is “trending up” and expounded on that with Jim Rome during an interview this week. Lions Chief Operating Officer Mike Disner has reached out to Johnson in a way that previous Lions executives refused to do.

At issue is Johnson’s signing bonus in light of his retirement 8 years ago at 32-years-old. He recalled that quality of life was a huge priority for him and he knew it was difficult physically. When Johnson retired, the Lions forced him to pay back $1.6 million of his signing bonus.

“I think we’re having some good conversations,” Johnson said. “Mike Disner over there with the Lions, he’s back in town there. I feel like he’s putting the effort in to bring the 2 of us together, on the same page. I’m excited about him actually reaching out and putting the effort forth to try to make that happen. That’s the difference that I have not seen in the past that’s happening now. So I’m excited about it, one because I want to get back around football and help out the team. Not that they need my help, but I have a lot of feel like experience to share with those guys, whether it’s football or off the field. I definitely can be of value to the organization. I’m excited to be around the team again. Just being around football and allowing my kids to see some of the things that I was able to do while I was in Detroit.”