Louisville AD Josh Heird saw Louisville basketball finish the regular season 4-28 Tuesday, losing to Boston College 80-62 in the first round of the ACC Tournament.

Following the game, Heird was asked if head coach Kenny Payne’s job was safe following what is probably the worst season in Louisville basketball history.

His answer? Payne is safe, according to LeoWeekly Sportswriter Tim Sullivan. .

Year 1 pass?

It’s hard to judge a head coach by his first year, inheriting a team that finished last season 13-19. Payne had terrible guard play this season, despite an incoming group that has its share of talent. Are these facts enough for a pass?

Judging by Heird’s words, they are to him. That’s the most important point here. Payne, despite his record as HC, is still a first-year head coach playing in the ACC, even in a down year.

However, Payne needs a concrete plan moving forward, because his leash moving into next year is not going to be long.