Louisville fell 35-31 to Florida State on Friday night, in large part due to the effort of FSU receiver Johnny Wilson.

The Cardinals never figured out a solution for the 6-foot-7 receiver, allowing him to catch 7 passes for 149 yards and 2 touchdowns. Wilson also drew multiple pass interference calls.

After the game, Louisville coach Scott Satterfield addressed Wilson’s impact.

“That is the big guy, right? That is what made it difficult,” Satterfield said. “He is 6-7, 200-plus pounds, one-on-one with a corner over there. He is a hard guy to cover. We were trying to get more guys down in the box to stop the run. When you do that you are going to be vulnerable. We have to play better outside.”

Wilson also caught the (eventual) game-winning touchdown for Florida State. He rose above Louisville cornerback Jarvis Brownlee on 3rd down to make the play, putting the Noles up 35-31.

Satterfield broke that play down in detail.

“Last touchdown they hit, Brownlee was right there, that was great coverage, and they threw it way in the back of the end zone and they caught it,” he said. “He barely had a foot in. That was a heck of a play. He is a weapon at 6-7. Our guys are not that tall so that is the most difficult thing … I think it was 3rd down on the 1-yard line and we stuffed and stuffed and stuffed them and they had to settle on a fade in the back corner and they made it. It was pretty good defense but sometimes 6-7 is a little bit better.”

Here is Satterfield’s full postgame press conference:

Louisville is now 1-2 on the season and 0-2 in ACC. The Cardinals host South Florida in Week 2.