Miami dropped to a 2-1 record following the Week 3 loss to Texas A&M.

ESPN’s FPI updated several projections for Miami as a result of the performance in College Station. The projections that were updated were Miami’s chances to win the ACC, win the division, reach bowl eligibility, and to make the College Football Playoff.

Miami is given a 20.3% chance to win the ACC. The Hurricanes will have a tough road ahead to compete with the rest of the conference for the championship in December. While the FPI gave Miami a lower percentage to win the ACC, the Hurricanes have a 50.4% chance to represent the ACC Coastal.

In order for Miami to win the Coastal, other schools will have to fall off in the standings. Georgia Tech is the only Coastal team with more than 1 loss on the season.

For bowl eligibility, Miami received a 99.6% chance to qualify for a bowl game at the end of the season. Miami is projected to win 9 games in 2022. As of now, Miami’s percentage to make the Playoff is 1.2%. Saturday’s game was a difficult test and the Hurricanes failed to pass it.

Miami will look to right the ship against Middle Tennessee on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET.