Mario Cristobal says he needs time to rebuild Miami in his first season as the head coach.

Miami suffered a 45-21 loss to Duke in Week 8. It was a devastating home loss for the Hurricanes that caught many people by surprise. Miami’s 2-game winning streak against Duke was snapped. The loss sent Miami to a 3-4 record and a 1-2 conference record in 2022.

In his latest appearance on WQAM’s “The Joe Rose Show,” Cristobal discussed the process of turning Miami into a contender.

“Oregon was 4-8 when we got there. You got to do things a certain way and sometimes it takes a certain amount of time. I mean it is what it is,” Cristobal said on Monday. “Let’s not BS ourselves, you can’t sidestep that. It’s never been sidestepped and it won’t be sidestepped.”

Cristobal was a part of the rebuilding process at Oregon as an assistant coach in 2017 on Willie Taggart’s staff and as the head coach in 2018. When Cristobal left Oregon for Miami, he was expected to turn the Hurricanes into one of the best teams in the country.

“Again, you surround yourself with tough minded people at all levels — in your coaching room, your roster and your locker room and your support staff,” Cristobal added. “Again we came here to build it right. We left awesome places to come here and build it right.”

Cristobal will need more time to reshape the program in his image. Miami will look to get back on track against Virginia on Saturday.