Mario Cristobal gave an update on the injury status of several key players for Miami.

Throughout the season, Miami has dealt with injuries in several position groups and those players are starting to return to the team. The players Cristobal gave an update for were Will Mallory, Don Chaney Jr., Xavier Restrepo, Jacolby George, Zion Nelson, and Justice Oluwaseun.

Mallory left the Virginia Tech game after he suffered a hit to the head. Cristobal believed that Mallory was in a good place with his recovery. Miami could use Mallory as soon as possible because the team will be without several key players on offense for the next few weeks.

Chaney will most likely return within the next 4 weeks. If that timetable is correct, he will return in mid November. Cristobal noted that Restrepo is 2 and a half weeks away from returning to the team. George could return this week, he said.

Unfortunately, the offensive line is going to be playing without Nelson and Oluwaseun will need an extended period of time to recover from their injuries.

Miami will be tasked with making up for lost time with these injured players. Miami will host Duke on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. ET.