Dave Doeren provided some more context around Devin Leary’s season-ending injury on Saturday night.

Earlier on Saturday, NC State announced that Leary will undergo surgery on a torn pectoral muscle. Previously, Doeren told reporters that Leary would return at some point this season.

Speaking with reporters after NC State’s loss to Syracuse, Doeren explained the timeline of learning about the severity of his injury.

“We found out Sunday that he had a partial tear and it was possibly rehab-able,” Doeren said. “We were getting more opinions and looking further into it so it was around 1:30 on Monday. After my press conference, they told me. And at that point we decided not telling people was best for our quarterbacks to get ready for Syracuse’s defense. And for them to not have that advantage to know who was playing in the game.”

Leary’s backup, Jack Chambers, was still heavily limited by Syracuse’s defense. He threw for just 160 passing yards on 30 attempts. He did run the ball for 58 yards, but he carried the ball 19 times.

Doeren also discussed more specifics about Leary’s injury.

“Monday, Devin will get surgery,” Doeren said. “It’s not his shoulder, that’s the good news. It’s a pec muscle, which, from a throwing standpoint is a lot better situation than having a torn labrum or a rotator injury.”

Here’s the clip from Doeren’s press conference:

NC State is off next week but will host Virginia Tech in Week 9.