Dave Doeren is happy to get out of Charlottesville with a win and doesn’t appreciate any nitpicking from critics.

The Wolfpack needed a walk-off field goal to defeat a winless Virginia team 24-21 on the road. In his postgame press conference, Doeren acknowledged NC State’s issues but noted the Wolfpack were shorthanded.

“There was injuries, in the second play of the game (Devan) Boykin goes down,” Doeren told reporters. “All week in practice Cecil Powell is our backup strong safety, Cecil got in the game and got hurt. So both strong safeties were hurt in the first quarter. So Bishop Fitzgerald moves from free safety to strong safety and didn’t take a rep in practice all week at that position.”

He continued rattling off more absences.

“Devon Betty wasn’t at practice all week because he and his fiancée had a baby. So he missed all the practices this week. Beautiful baby girl, that’s going on and there’s real-life stuff happening on this team,” Doeren said. “On offense, we lost a running back on the second to last day of the week. Then we get out there and all of a sudden, (Blake) Raphael gets hurt.”

Doeren said with all those issues in mind, fans should be less concerned with things like play-calling, and celebrate an ACC win.

“People want to bitch about play calling and this that and the other, there’s other stuff going on,” Doeren said after his team’s narrow win over Virginia. “We found a way to win on the road in the rain against this inspired football team. Sh-t, be happy we won. It’s a good win. I’m excited to go home 3-1 and get ready to play Louisville.”