Devin Leary suffered an injury and was forced to exit the game late in the 3rd quarter against Florida State.

Leary took a shot and immediately grabbed his right arm. Leary left the game and did not return. The Wolfpack were still able to pull out the win over Florida State, with a final score of 19-17.

Fortunately, the Wolfpack got some good news on Sunday. Coach Dave Doeren said that the x-rays on Leary came back clean. Doeren continued:

“Obviously I feel bad for Devin [Leary],” Doeren said. “The x-rays were negative. They’ll MRI him tomorrow, and we’ll be able to tell you more after that. It was positive that the x-rays were negative. … The MRI will tell us if it’s anything else. Hopefully it’s just a muscle strain, and we’ll have him back soon.”

It is unclear if Leary will miss any additional game action. The Wolfpack travel to Syracuse in Week 7 for a huge conference battle with the Orange.