Bubba Cunningham is in favor of an unequal revenue distribution model for the ACC moving forward.

Cunningham, who has been North Carolina’s athletic director since 2011, spoke about the issue in a radio interview on Tuesday. He echoed similar thoughts that have been shared by Florida State and Clemson administrators in recent weeks.

“Equal distribution was very appropriate, particularly when you had 8 schools in your league,” Cunningham said Tuesday on 99.9 The Fan, via Wralsportsfan.com. “As your league expands, the footprint expands, the number of sports that you offer differs, the overall value to the league and its media markets is different, and I think some of us are starting to suggest we need to re-examine that and take a look at where is the value and how do we distribute the money differently so that we can ensure … the schools that want to invest the most will be rewarded for that investment. That discussion is just beginning.”

Florida State athletic director Michael Alford made waves late last month when he shared that Florida State is responsible for approximately 15% of the ACC’s revenue annually, but it only receives 7% of the conference’s distribution.

The ACC’s current media rights deal runs through 2036, which means there’s no looming revenue jump coming for the league. However, competitors in the Big Ten and SEC recently negotiated new TV deals and are expected to soar far above what the ACC can provide in the coming years.

“As you look at the other leagues and see the gap, it becomes critical sooner rather than later,” Cunningham told 99.9 The Fan.

Discussions about an unequal revenue distribution model in the ACC are expected to continue in the coming months.