Caleb Love announced Monday that he would be changing course next season, posting his intentions on social media to enter the transfer portal for his final year in college basketball.

A host of Tar Heels have entered the portal in recent weeks (6, to be exact), but this is heads and shoulders the biggest name to do so this offseason. Love averaged 16.7 points for the Tar Heels this past year and was their top talent not named Armando Bacot.

Love had a down year compared to last season, too. He was an integral part of North Carolina’s improbable championship run, averaging just under 19 points across all 6 NCAAT games played last season. And that number would be higher if you take a 5-point outlier against Baylor off the board.

Simply put, North Carolina’s run last year does not happen without Love. And he’s still a very strong college player despite North Carolina’s down year, meaning he’ll likely have his pick from just about any school in the country looking for a Power 6 caliber guard.