Drake Maye extended North Carolina’s lead over Pitt on Saturday night with an unusual touchdown pass.

Maye was rolling to his left when a Pitt defender attempted to bring him down. With his right arm occupied, Maye moved the ball to his left hand and flipped the ball into the end zone.

Kobe Paysour was on the receiving end of Maye’s left-handed heave. The play gave Carolina a 28-17 lead late in the 1st half over the Panthers.

Here’s a replay:

Here’s another angle of the pass:

This was Maye’s 1st passing touchdown of the night and his 5th of the season. It’s been somewhat of a slow start to the 2023 season from a passing touchdowns perspective for Maye.

However, he’s still been very effective on the ground and that continued in the 1st half vs. Pitt. He also scored a rushing touchdown vs. the Panthers, which was his 2nd of the year on the ground.

North Carolina is looking to improve to 4-0 overall and 1-0 in ACC play.