Mack Brown, North Carolina’s head coach, had a lot to say about quarterback Drake Maye at the Tar Heels’  Pro Day. He insists that NFL teams were keeping a watchful eye on Maye, who was throwing to draft-eligible teammates at the Pro Day.

Of course, Maye is not eligible for this year’s draft, but according to Brown some NFL scouts’ first thoughts on Maye have him thinking he could be a future No. 1 overall pick, though Brown did not specifically hear that talking point from them.

Here’s what Brown had to say, via On3Sports.

“He would be a No. 1 draft choice today, in my opinion. All of them are just amazed,” Brown said. “They sat there and watched yesterday, and we had all 32 teams represented, we had 45 people there, for five guys, and Noah (Taylor) wasn’t working out, because of his injury. So that’s pretty amazing, that you would have that many people from an NFL Pro Day show up for five guys, four of them working out.”

Maye has been very impressive for the Tar Heels, and he only has room to grow his game next season. The Tar Heels boast a tough schedule, more than enough for Maye to prove he is No. 1 material.

Last season, Maye threw for 4,321 yards (4th in DI), 38 touchdowns (tied 5th) and just 7 interceptions. Those are some uber-impressive numbers for a redshirt freshman.