Mack Brown stated back in January that he had his gripes with North Carolina football’s upcoming 2023 schedule. Specifically, he was unhappy with the timing of the Tar Heels’ opponents across the schedule,

Brown listed some specific gripes with North Carolina’s schedule Wednesday morning at NC’s press conference. Below are some of the things that stood out to him:

Analyzing North Carolina’s schedule

The Tar Heels do have a tough 2023 schedule, but this seems like a bit of a strange gripe for a HOF level coach. UNC knew its non-conference opponents when they agreed to the games, and none are going to be permanent stays in next season’s AP Top 25. Not to mention, their stints against Minnesota and App State are both in Chapel Hill.

As for the home game during fall break, that’s a tough thing to complain about. 50% of all schools across the country have to deal with the same thing UNC will against Virginia.

Playing 2 tough games to end the year against Clemson and NC State is rough, especially on the road. However, the Tar Heels are faced with a very tame 6-game stretch from Oct 7 to Nov. 11, with its toughest test during that run coming against Miami in Chapel Hill on Oct 14. The Tar Heels could very easily walk into their game against Clemson having won at least 5 of their last 6 games.